Why Direct Debit? Advantages of Direct Debit Payment Services for Businesses

control cash flow

reduce admin costs

easily change payments

quick non-payment notifications

improve customer loyalty

suitable for all


Cash flow is the life-blood of any business, large or small. Lose control of it and your business will suffer. Direct Debit gives you complete control over your cash flow and your business.

If your business takes payments from its customers, then you will benefit from using Direct Debit. It’s as simple as that. In fact, Direct Debit has so many advantages it is difficult to argue against using them to collect payments.

Here are just a few advantages: Direct Debits are easy to set up. They are cost effective to operate and they are totally reliable. Money leaves your customer’s account on a particular day in the month and arrives in your account a couple of days later, once they have cleared.

Simple, reliable, flexible. While you concentrate on making your business a success, Direct Debit makes sure you have the cash you are owed, when it falls due. Direct Debits don’t get lost in the post.

Once a Direct Debit is set up, you can leave the rest to us. We will collect them, pay them into your account and let you know within twenty four hours if any Direct Debit fails. Ten days later we will re-present it. Represented Direct Debits have a high success rate.


We all know how vitally important cash flow is to the life of a company. Poor cash flow management can jeopardise your company and undo all your efforts and hard work.

And yet, despite your best efforts, it can sometimes feel as if your cash flow flows in one direction – out of your company.

We can help overcome that feeling.

By using Eazipay’s Direct Debit collection services you will be able to predict your cash flow with total accuracy. We collect the money you are owed via Direct Debit and pay it into your bank account.

Eazipay, we make (your) cash flow!


Do you know how much you spend chasing money you are rightly owed? Well according to industry research, it isn’t unusual for SMEs to be spending around £1,000 a month chasing payments.

Doesn’t it make sense to keep that money inside the business and use it to develop your business and not spend it chasing money that is yours anyway?

By using Eazipay’s Direct Debit collection service, those unnecessary costs will be slashed because the money you are owed will be collected by us and paid to you.

Money in your account, on time, every time. Reliable, predictable, flexible.


Making changes to an existing Direct Debit is both easy and painless. You may need to review your pricing at some point, or you may have to apply a new VAT rate for instance. All you have to do is advise your account manager and they will do the rest.


No system is perfect. And even we, with all our experience and accumulated knowledge can only collect your money if it’s available in your customer’s account on the day we collect it.

However, all is not lost. If a Direct Debit fails we will let you know within twenty four hours so that you can contact your customer. We will then re-present the Direct Debit ten days later and re-presented Direct Debits have a very high success rate.


Can asking your customers to pay by Direct Debit increase their loyalty to you? Yes it can. Once a Direct Debit has been arranged, most customers are happy to let it run and run. Month in, month out without giving it a second thought.


For many of us, our first use of Direct Debit was when we set up an automated payment for a utility or telephone bill to a large multi-national organisation, which inevitably leads us to think that Direct Debit is the preserve of large companies.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, however. For any business the significance of managing cash flow is of paramount importance and companies which collect regular payments by Direct Debit can manage their cash flow much more easily than companies that collect payments by other means.

It doesn’t matter if you collect hundreds of payments each month or just one payment a year, Direct Debit means that business owners – whatever their size - know exactly what money is coming in and when.

is Direct Debit right for your business?

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