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online payments

99.99% uptime and PCI DSS level 1 compliant status

telephone payments

Allows card payments by phone using a virtual terminal

powerful reporting

Comprehensive live reporting with export capabilities

PAY BY button

Easy-to-use feature, ideal for invoices or html emails


Securely store card details for repeat payments, increasing conversion rates

recurring transactions

Set up recurring transactions via the merchant management system

How would you like to be able to offer your customers the opportunity to pay for your goods and services by debit or credit cards? Well now you can.

Adding to its portfolio of secure payment services, Eazipay is once again leading from the front by introducing the Eazipay Card Payment Gateway, which gives you the option of accepting payments via customer’s debit or credit cards.

We have introduced this option, not just because we want to offer you even more payment collection possibilities – which of course we do - but because we believe that the future could well lie with the humble, ubiquitous plastic card and that secure card payments will replace cash as the preferred payment method for consumers.

In 2016, figures released by the UK Cards Association (Now part of UK Finance) showed during that year we made 16.4 billion purchases through debit cards and credit cards. That’s an increase of 146 per cent on the spending during 2006 when the figure stood at 6.7 billion.

In total 518 card payments were made every second last year.

Now, your business can play its role in the cashless revolution. Using Eazipay’s new Payment Gateway you too can process debit and credit card payments, with money being transferred to your account within two or three working days.

how the eazipay payment gateway works

Offering your customers the opportunity to pay by debit or credit cards, and processing card payments online or by telephone, couldn't be simpler

All you have to do is give us the details and we will make the rest happen so you will be able to take payments by phone or through your website. The process is simple, easy, secure and reliable – for you and your customer.

We will give you access to our Merchant Management system and Virtual Terminal so you can process payments in real time.

We also give you unlimited use of the Pay Button which encourages your customers to make prompt online payment. We support all the major debit and credit card providers and allow you to choose between online and telephone card payment processes.

Also, we subscribe to something called Level 1 PCI: DCS compliance, which loosely translated means that you and your business have complete security and peace of mind. In addition, we employ sophisticated fraud screening tools such as 3D Secure, AVS and CV2!

And that's not all. We guarantee the most competitive Merchant tariff available.

Our aim is to support the growth of your company and our new Payment Gateway is one part of that aim – ask us about the others.

advantages of accepting card payments

  • online payments - easier for your customers

    Customers increasingly expect to be able to pay by card and if the option isn't available, it could prevent them from making a purchase.

    Research from Barclaycard also suggests that more than one in six customers will walk away from a purchase if they are not able to pay by card.

  • telephone payments - payment at time of sale

    No more 'the cheque is in the post'. Payments are made then and there and the money is usually in the merchants (your) bank account, typically within two to three working days.

  • "pay by" button - more credibility for your business

    Offering secure payment services and accepting card payments makes your business appear more professional, which could give potential customers more confidence when deciding whether to purchase from you.

  • recurring transactions - less cash on premises

    Creating savings on the security required to look after cash held on site and trips to the bank to pay it in.

  • tokenisation - internet and phone payments

    Accepting card payments isn't just for face to face transactions via a card terminal. Debit and credit cards can also be used over the phone or via the internet, which can help build up business from further afield.

    You can also take payments outside normal business hours so you'll never miss a sale.

  • powerful reporting - improved cash flow

    Improve your businesses cash flow with payments going directly to your bank account.

    Using the Pay Button on e-invoicing can also be used to encourage customers that haven't paid by card to make prompt online payment.


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