Kudos Drinks strikes gold with Eazipay

Kudos Drinks strikes gold with Eazipay

Established in 2013, but headed by a team with over 50 years experience in licensed trade distribution, Kudos Drinks is one of the North West's leading drinks wholesalers.

From its depot in Glossop, Kudos Drinks supplies beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks, snacks, sundries and cleaning materials to everyone from town and village pubs to five star hotels and glossy restaurants.

As Business Manager, Kevin Littlewood, explains, when he and his son started Kudos, he didn't know companies such as Eazipay existed.

“I have around 40 years experience in the drinks wholesale industry, but it's always been with companies who boast very substantial turn overs. As such, collecting payments via Direct Debit wasn't a problem. The businesses were big enough to make their own arrangements with the banks and everybody was happy.

“With Kudos, however, it was a different story. When our first big customer wanted to pay by Direct Debit I went to see the bank, assuming it would be a simple job to set up the process. How wrong I was.

“I was politely but firmly told that the banks weren't interested in handling Direct Debits for firms of our size and was instead pointed in the direction of a business advisor, who in turn told me all about Direct Debit Bureaux.

“I didn't even know such companies existed but I duly did some research and discovered a whole new industry! I made a couple of enquiries and although the first one we tried wasn't a huge success, with Eazipay we struck gold.

“Eazipay didn't try and rush us. They did their due diligence, sent out an application form and then discussed the process in great detail. In the eight months since I started using Eazipay they have proved exceptional. Every question I have has been answered promptly and every email is responded to within thirty minutes. They are extremely efficient.

“And the system is easy to use. It's flexible, so I'm able to set up Direct Debits at which ever interval I and my customer like and once it's done it's done. I have my own account manager so rather than talking to a new person every five minutes I'm dealing with someone who really understands my business, the problems we face and how to solve issues if they do arise.

“Best of all though, Direct Debit with Eazipay is really not expensive.

“They say that using Direct Debit gives you peace of mind because you know when money is coming in. That is undoubtedly true. With Eazipay, however, you get the extra peace of mind that comes from dealing with a professional, efficient outfit.

“I'm sold on them.”


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