Is Direct Debit Right for You? Know The Advantages of Direct Debit

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advantages of Direct Debit

It is a fact that companies which use Direct Debits to collect the payments they are owed will have greater control over their cash flow than companies that don’t. It doesn’t matter how many (dozens a month) or how few (once a year) payments you collect, with Direct Debit your cash-flow is entirely manageable and predictable giving you peace of mind while allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Below are a few examples of the types of businesses and organisations that would gain from Direct Debit. It’s a short list, there are many, many more…

Business Type Collecting Benefit
Utility and Telecoms companies (service providers) Invoice billings, regular service charges Prompt payments, ability to adjust payment amounts on a monthly basis
Clubs (member organisations) Subscription and membership costs Collect annually, quarterly or monthly. Automatic renewals.
Charitable organisations Donations and contributions Ongoing and predicted revenue stream.
Property Management / Estate Agents Rents and insurance payments Specified collection dates. Reduced administration time and costs. Ability to adjust payments as necessary.
Education Tuition fees, subscription fees Eliminates late payments. Better cash flow management for parents.


Utilities and telecoms companies have regular billing dates and collect regular service charges so they need a reliable, regular collection service. One where differing amounts can be collected from individual customers on a regular basis. Eazipay can do this for you.


These organisations will have to collect subscription and membership fees and they’re usually collected monthly, quarterly or annually and some with automatic renewals.

Eazipay’s gold standard Direct Debit processing service can do this for you. We have a proven track record and offer unrivalled customer service levels.


All charities need to collect donations and contributions. Direct Debit gives charities an on-going and predictable revenue stream. The charity giving marketplace is both crowded and competitive, so giving your donors the option of contributing to your good cause allows them to continue giving without giving giving a second thought. Eazipay can do this for you.


Educational establishments need to collect tuition fees and subscription fees. Using Direct Debit eliminates late payments and because costs can be spread over an academic year, schools and colleges have predictable cash flow and parents can budget more effectively. Eazipay can do this.


These companies are responsible for collecting rents and insurance payments and it is vitally important that money is collected on specified dates which reduces administration and time costs. They also need to be able to adjust payments, as necessary. Eazipay can do this.


There are many advantages to Direct Debit. With Direct Debit, businesses know exactly when the money is coming in and how much they’re going to receive. It’s easy to set up, cost effective to operate, and takes changes in payment levels and VAT alterations in its stride.

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