Eazipay will always find a way to help

Eazipay will always try and find a way to help

Viegli is a telecoms company specialising in WAN and data, cloud telephony and traditional telephony. Viegli's particular strength is its depth of knowledge and expertise in new and emerging technologies, making it easy for clients to understand the true benefits of new technology and how it can work for them.

When Viegli's Director and Founder, Chris Riggs, launched the company in 2009, he already knew a thing or two about Direct Debit. His previous business had turned over around £30 million a year and was large enough to be a Direct Debit originator.

Wanting to have Direct Debit as a start-up, however, required a slightly different approach, as Chris explains. “I knew that that there was no way Viegli was going to be allowed to become a Direct Debit originator. We had neither the turnover nor the history for that to happen.

“I also knew, however, that I was going to be dealing with substantial multi-nationals with substantial amounts to pay on a regular basis, so I needed a Direct Debit bureau who were going to work with us to make it possible.

“After a couple of false starts with other companies I approached Eazipay and was immediately impressed by how easy they were to talk to. My business is all about building relationships and from the start I sensed they took a long term approach to their clients.

“They were always quick to respond and gave us exceptional service.

“Understandably, however, they were also a little nervous. Here we were, a brand new company, wanting to take up to £30,000 a month from businesses on a regular basis.

“For the first couple of months, we agreed to deposit with Eazipay the same amounts as we were getting in, and once they saw that it worked, they were more than happy to give us extra flexibility.

“It helped that many of our clients are multi-nationals with a long trading history, so there was little likelihood of them disappearing overnight.

“At all times, Eazipay has been extremely pragmatic, they've wanted to help. It would have been very easy for them to have turned us down but from the beginning they've always done their very best to find a solution.

“This was illustrated recently when we asked if we could set up weekly Direct Debits with some of our clients to improve our cash flow and Eazipay worked with us to make it happen.

“It is a first class company. To be honest, if Viegli got to the size where we could become a Direct Debit originator, I'd still probably stick with Eazipay.”



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