Eazipay offers 4tel Communications remote control

Eazipay offers 4tel Communications remote control

4tel Communications (4tel) specialises in the supply of inbound telephony services to businesses. Based in Cornwall, it has around three thousand active clients. These are mostly small and medium sized companies but also include charities and public sector bodies.

“We’ve never actually met up with anyone from Eazipay," says Steven Groom, Managing Director of 4tel Communications.

At first glance, that may seem a faintly astonishing statement from a man who asks Eazipay to handle thousands of pounds of his money every month, but it’s indicative of just how much trust 4tel has in its Direct Debit bureau.

Originally, the 4tel story didn’t involve Eazipay at all, or any Direct Debit collections bureau for that matter. The company, whilst still involved in telecoms, had a business model which required only a few, high value invoices each month and as such the accounts could be handled in house quite comfortably.

That all changed when the 4tel decided to get into reselling telephony services. “As soon as we took that decision, we realised we’d need a completely different invoicing model,” says Mr Groom. “There’s no way it would have been feasible for a company of our size to manage two to three thousand invoices a month.”

In common with many businesses looking at Direct Debit, using our own bank didn’t seem to be an option, so they started asking around.

“For what we wanted to achieve, Direct Debit was absolutely critical. And so we needed to find a Direct Debit bureau who would give us the confidence to expand.”

Asking around the business community threw up a few names and after some telephone conversations Eazipay got the business.

“Direct Debit is one of those things that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is,” says Mr Groom. “Some bureaus like to maintain an air of mystique about the process but Eazipay kept it simple, which was greatly to their credit.

“As a company, we’re used to supplying clients remotely and dealing with them without any face to face contact, so deciding to work with Eazipay despite not having seen the whites of their eyes wasn’t a big issue for us.

“We reasoned that since we were going to be sending most invoices electronically, we might as well start as we meant to go on. And we’ve been proved right. Eazipay has been a delight to work with. All we have to do is work out what we’re due to charge our clients, export the file to Eazipay and they do the rest.

“Any issues of non-payment are raised very quickly and we can resolve them with clients much more quickly than conventional invoicing. More important than any of these day to day issues, however, is the fact that we know we can grow the business with confidence.

“With Eazipay behind us, we can take on as many customers as we can find.”


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