Eazipay makes the changes easy for Primecare (Salisbury) Ltd


Eazipay makes the changes easy for Primecare (Salisbury) Ltd

Primecare (Salisbury) Ltd supplies personal care assistants who meet the needs of a wide range of people.

When one of their major clients began changing the payment rules, the company turned to Direct Debit from Eazipay for a solution, as owner Paul Riley explains.

“We have around 120 clients,” says Paul. “Some of these clients are given the money direct by the Council to spend on their care needs (the Direct Payment scheme), and it's up to them where and how they spend it”.

“When we first started this business, some 20 years ago, we would invoice our clients and to be honest we never had any real problems with payment”.

“A few months' ago, however, our Council clients had to adhere to some changes associated with how their care was delivered under the Direct Payment scheme, one of these changes was a requirement that payments made to us and our competitors were all to be carried out by Direct Debit.

“As you can imagine, I wasn't thrilled by the idea. I had nothing against Direct Debit but I had a system that worked well and was inexpensive to operate. I had no particular desire to change it.

“If I wanted to keep this client group, however, I didn't have much choice and in my search for a Direct Debit partner my first port of call was the bank, which didn’t really offer a lot of help. At that point I wasn't sure where I should go next and so did some research on the Internet, which is where I came across Eazipay. And I'm delighted I did.

“From the three or so potential bureaux that I investigated, Eazipay were self-evidently the best. They answered all my queries straight away and were very proactive in seeking to find solutions to my particular business needs.

“And they made it financially attractive too. The terms, both for setting up and running the account, made sense.

“Some companies promise you the earth when negotiating and then end up doing something completely different when it comes to carrying out the contract.

“Not Eazipay. Not only did they make the process of transferring over to Direct Debit extremely simple, but from day one they have always been extremely responsive and accurate in everything they have done for us.

“If I've got a question, I know it will get answered quickly. If a payment is missed, I know I'll find out about it promptly. Not only that, Eazipay is always trying to find ways it can help me. If they haven't heard from me in a little while, they'll ring me up to check that everything is ok.

“Overall, I'm hugely impressed.”


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