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Collecting invoices by Direct Debit – what does that say about your company?

Paying bills by Direct Debit is now so commonplace and accepted that we barely give it a second thought. It has become the default payment method for nine out of 10 UK adults and has been part of our lives for 50 years.

So, apart from being a tried, tested, and trusted way of collecting payments, how else can Direct Debit benefit your company?

Well, Direct Debit is recognised as one of the most trusted brands in the UK. We have come to rely on it to collect our invoices (if you are a business) or to pay regular bills (if you use it as a consumer). The simple fact is that Direct Debit is trusted – and that is important.

If your business collects the money it is owed by Direct Debit, then that feeling of trust and rock- solid reliability ripples out to you as well. Your business is automatically associated with all the positive attributes of trust, reliability, and probity. Your reputation is enhanced.

Also, being paid by Direct Debit allows your company to ’punch above its weight’. You see, most SMEs think that collecting money they are owed is only for large companies. They tend not to associate accepting Direct Debit payments with smaller companies.

The fact is that all the benefits of Direct Debit are available to companies of all sizes – the majority just don’t know it.

So, if you are one of the savvy SMEs who know that being paid by Direct Debit is open to them, you will be perceived by your customers and competitors as being larger than you perhaps are. And that is no bad thing.

Here is another intangible benefit. By insisting that your customers pay on time and in full by Direct Debit, you are sending a clear unequivocal message that you are fully committed to protecting your cash-flow. You demonstrate that you take your busines finances seriously and that you expect be paid for the work your company has done as the invoice falls due.

If all that weren’t enough, here is another significant advantage to companies who collect Direct Debit payments. Every month you have a clear snapshot of the financial health of your customers, all of them.

Occasionally, a company may undertake a credit check against a customer, particularly a new one. They rarely credit check long-standing customers. The difficulty with credit checks is that they give a snapshot of how a particular company performed at a particular time. A credit check doesn’t give you much re-assurance moving forwards.

However, being paid by Direct Debit acts as a mini financial barometer every month. Every time you are paid in full on the due date, you know that customer is up to date and has funds available.

If the Direct Debit fails (because your customer doesn’t have the funds available), you will know within a few days and you can take whatever action is most appropriate. How long would you have to wait to discover you may not be paid using traditional invoicing methods?

The primary focus of taking Direct Debit payments is to provide a fool proof way of paying and being paid. However, it also brings with it a host of unintended benefits that pay real dividends to your company and its reputation.


James Simpson
SkinViva Ltd
Wonderful company. They offer a very efficient service with a quick turnaround time between Direct Debits being processed and the funds being transferred to your business. They provide good reporting that has helped our business gain a better understanding of our own clients. We've been with Eazipay for several years and all throughout that time we have received great customer service that has a very personal feel to it. It can often feel like you're their only customer!


John Cashin Tuition
We have been using Eazipay for our private tuition business for approximately seven years and we couldn't be more impressed. Deciding to use Eazipay has been one of the best decisions we have made. It is so much easier for me now that I do not have to chase customers for payment, it's all done for us - like clockwork. The staff are so helpful, courteous, friendly and super efficient. A very professional service indeed. For me Eazipay are worth their weight in gold!


Mark Ward
Midland Tech
Midland Tech have been using Eazipay for nearly four years and the service has been excellent. It's easy to use, payments are received promptly, and customer service is very good. Emails are answered quickly, nothing is too much trouble, and everyone you deal with is very knowledgeable and friendly I would recommend Eazipay to anyone.


Oliver Thompson
We have been using Eazipay to take direct debit payments from our clients since 2008. As a long standing customer our business could just not run without the assurance that we are going to get paid on time. Eazipay has allowed us to grow our business without the hassles involved in collected numerous monthly payments. We really appreciate all the hard work and expertise that the team at Eazipay bring to our business. Thank you from everyone at CCCit


Andrew Straton
Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
Eazipay have been collecting Direct Debits on behalf of the Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club since 2009 and we have never looked back! It has made our administration, run entirely by volunteers, so much easier and saved us large amounts of cash by not having to post reminders to members every year. Thank you EAZIPAY, you do a great job and I would (and have) recommend you highly to anyone thinking of using a Direct Debit system in the future.


Emma Statham
We have been using the services that Eazipay Ltd offer for some years now and cannot recommend them highly enough. in a nutshell, they offer an incredibly professional, personal , and faultless service allowing us to collect direct debit payments from some of our customers, hassle free. Natalie Terris is our account manager, and she is helpful, friendly and knowledgable. All our queries are dealt with simply and swiftly. All the Eazipay processes we use are simple to use. We wouldn't go anywhere else- Thanks Eazipay! x


121 IT Services Ltd
We started working with Eazipay in September 2013 and since that time they have made both our clients and 121 IT's life so much simpler. The staff are great, friendly and very good at what they do. Would totally recommend them, thank you.


Mark Wyatt
Telecom Network Services
Telecom Network Services has been a customer of Eazipay for 14 years, since I started the business. The staff at Eazipay are outstanding, always efficient and process payments accurately and on time everytime! I recommend Eazipay Ltd, they are a great company to do business with.


Steven Bourne
We have been a client of Eazipay for over two years now and the service is excellent. There is always someone available on the end of the telephone to deal with any queries and it is a very professional set up. The way in which the system operates is very straightforward and we save hours of time and hassle compared with using the old method of standing orders. I would thoroughly recommend Eazipay to any business which wants to make collecting money easy!


Emma Martineau
Phones 4 Business started collecting payments by Direct Debit in 2007. We chose Eazipay and have never looked back. I daren't calculate how much time I have saved in using Eazipay and staying with them is a no brainer! Why change when I have such a good supplier? It is service that counts; Natalie Terriss and the whole team are always very friendly, efficient and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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