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With so much of the Direct Debit process being carried out electronically, it's important to keep a record of all transactions that have taken place.

That's why, as part of our service, Eazipay can arrange to send you any type of Direct Debit report you like.

Daily, weekly, monthly or occasional reports can be supplied quickly and effortlessly, so whether you generate hundreds of Direct Debits a week or ten every month, there is a report to suit your needs.

Eazipay can also set up reports on specific areas of the Direct Debit process, such as non-payers, leavers, joiners etc. We can advise you on a reports package that will be the most use to you and your business but below is a quick summary of the reports that are available.

  • ADDACS Advice of Direct Debit Amendments and Cancellations Service

An ADDACS report is downloaded by Eazipay electronically, directly from your customers paying bank. It advises of any amendment or cancellation to the original set up of the DDi. Eazipay has no control over how many ADDACS reports will be relevant to your company as these changes are usually triggered by your customer.

ADDACS reports will be downloaded on a daily basis, if there is an ADDACS report relating to the SUN we have allocated to your company, it will be made available to you via the secure portal. You will only be charged if you receive a report and there is a CAP on the amount you will be charged. Please refer to your price list.

Remember that these reports are important, if you are providing a service and your customer has cancelled the means to pay for that service, you will probably want to know ASAP.

A list of reason codes is attached, these codes are used throughout the reports to advise why the DDi was cancelled or amended etc.

  • Bacs detailed report showing who is paying and how much

For regular payers i.e. £20 per month on 1st of the month, until further notice “ we will extract payments from your database two working days before the funds are due to be collected.  A Bacs report is created showing you the information and uploaded via the secure portal in the format you require.

For Ad Hoc payers, i.e. you have a billing run and have uploaded the details via the secure portal, the Bacs report will be created on the day you upload the file.

  • ARUDDS Automatic Return of Unpaid Direct Debits

This file is downloaded from Bacs on the 3rd working day after collection.  The (if any) unpaid Direct Debits are withdrawn from the client holding on this day.  The ARUDDS report shows you who didn't pay and why.  If the payer bouncedĀ their DD through lack of funds (refer to payer) we can offer a re-present service. This allows you to automatically try to collect the same amount in 10 days time.

Eazipay will set up your company to allow re-presented items, it will affect your company status globally meaning that all refer to payers will automatically be re-presented.  Eazipay will write an ad hoc letter to your customer advising them of the amount and date of the next collection (£1.50 each). You will also be charged 1 x Bacs file (£3.15) + (No.) x 40p per re-presented payment.

If none of your customer DDis were returned/unpaid there will not be a file or report; therefore no charge will be made. 


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