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Direct Debit instructions and mandates

Before any Direct Debit can begin, it has to be authorised by the consumer.

This is done in the form of a Direct Debit Mandate, or Direct Debit Instruction.

The Mandate takes the shape of a standard form, which makes it easy for both new and experienced customers to fill in, and easy for the supplier to process.

Amongst other things, the Mandate authorises the supplier to collect any amount at any time, provided the customer has been notified first.

All payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee, which protects customers from any payments which are taken by mistake or fraudulently.

Naturally, most customers will have signed up with the idea of making a regular fixed payment, so these prior notifications and the Direct Debit Guarantee provide two useful ways of safeguarding customers' interests.

As previously mentioned, Mandates or Instructions can be completed by filling in and returning a paper form, giving details over the phone, or filling in a form online. Whichever format the Mandate arrives in, suppliers can then send it to Eazipay, who will clear the information with the relevant bank.

Once the bank has cleared the information, the Direct Debit becomes active and money can be taken from the account.

If anything goes wrong with the process, Eazipay will let you know.

The way these forms are laid out is strictly controlled by the Direct Debit Scheme rules. 

However, the Mandate is completed, it is critical that you keep a copy as proof of the instruction, in case of any queries.

Once the Mandate is up and running, Eazipay will let you know of any changes that take place. For example if a customer cancels.

Sample DD Mandate 1


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