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i want eazipay to be an integral part of how we grow our business

Based in Cambridge, Appago Apps, design and develop mobile apps for all types of businesses from taxi companies to restaurants to personal trainers and even recording artists.

Account Director, Ash Mason, says that using Eazipay helps to reduce costs and stress.

“When Appago was launched over a year ago, we wanted to find a way to do without credit control. Like any new business we needed to keep outgoings to a minimum, and cash flow was and still is paramount, chasing overdue payments, while clearly necessary, is either expensive if you get someone else to do it, or gives you less time to do what you're good at if you take on the task yourself.

“Which is why Eazipay are such a godsend. With Eazipay, there is no need to employ credit control, because the money comes directly out of the client's account on an agreed day. Once the Direct Debit form is filled in, the customer doesn't have to take any further action, so they can't be 'too busy' or 'forget'.

“Using Eazipay turns a potentially difficult, time consuming and stressful money chase into a two minute form filling exercise.

“As well not having to do any credit control, knowing when the money is coming in makes our cashflow much easier to predict. We can budget more effectively, secure in the knowledge that we will get paid on a pre-defined day.

“And Eazipay are extremely good at what they do. From the moment I first contacted them they explained things in a very straightforward way and the process is extremely simple to understand. The paperwork is easy, and they are always extremely responsive if you have any questions.

“Appago charges an initial design fee and then a monthly hosting fee, and both the one-off cost and the recurring fees are easy to set up as Direct Debits. It's easy to amend an amount if we need to, and the cost of the service is very low when compared with internal credit control - and my stress levels!”

“If customers make a mistake on their Direct Debit form, Eazipay are extremely proactive. They spot things such as incorrect account numbers very quickly and sort out the problem very efficiently.

“Since I've been using them, I've only ever dealt with a couple of people, giving me continuity in the service I receive, making problem solving much easier and quicker”

“I want Eazipay to be an integral part of how we grow the business. They make collecting money easy, and allow me and my colleagues to do what we're really good at. Whether you have one or one hundred payments a month, I'd recommend them.”


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