Bluebird Care controls cash flow with Direct Debit from Eazipay


Bluebird Care controls cash flow with Direct Debit from Eazipay

Bluebird Care (Peterborough and Rutland) is a leading home care and live in care agency, part of the fastest growing care franchise in the UK. It specialises in working with customers and their families that require social care in their own home, and offers a unique service of tailored care visits from 15 minute ‘pop in calls’ for welfare checks, through to full live-in support. The franchise began in 2011 and has already won several awards.

Director Tim Carey explains how they came to use Eazipay and why he is delighted they did.

“When I began the process that ended with Bluebird Care becoming a client of Eazipay, I wasn't particularly thinking about Direct Debit; it's not all that common in my industry.

“My main goal was to gain control of my cash flow.

“My first port of call was the bank, which encouraged me to go down the factoring route. The idea certainly had its attractions, but ultimately I was put off both by the costs involved and the length of contract they required.

“Then Eazipay contacted me and offered me the chance to put my customers on Direct Debit. I'm delighted I did, from my business and my customers' perspective.

“From the start, Eazipay have been very easy to work with. When the relationship began they were very patient in explaining how everything worked – on more than one occasion – and since then have continued to be incredibly responsive. My account manager always gets back to me on the same day and if there is a problem with a payment they tell me about it straight away.

“Eazipay has been good partner to my business, and Direct Debit has become the default payment method for all my private customers. I can now rely on the money coming in when it should, which means my cash flow has become more reliable, the need to chase customers for payment has greatly reduced and I can plan my business much more effectively.

“It also makes sense from a cost point of view. Before we took on Direct Debit, most of our customers paid by cheque, and the cost involved in processing the payment (plus the stamp on the SAE we sent out with every invoice) quickly adds up and becomes very costly.

“Most importantly, our customers like it. Whereas in the past they might get fretful if they missed a payment, or had trouble writing cheques and getting to the post box, now all their payment issues are solved with one signature.

“Around 85 per cent of my private customers now pay by Direct Debit.

“I've started recommending Eazipay – and Direct Debit – to many of my fellow franchisees. They have both made a huge difference to my business.”

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