Another record breaking year for Eazipay

Another record breaking year from Eazipay

December 20, 2016

Cambridgeshire-based Direct Debit processing company, Eazipay Ltd, is celebrating after yet another record breaking year.

With December's figures still to be collated, Eazipay has so far seen a 5% increase in the value of Direct Debits processed on behalf of its clients in 2016 than for the whole of 2015.

The increase has been consistent throughout the year, with every month in 2016 beating its compatriot in 2015.

These last twelve months are just the latest in a series of record breaking years for the business. Since its inception in 2002, Eazipay has increased its volume of transactions every single year. In fact, since its processing figures were first collated in 2008, annual Direct Debit collection volumes have increased from £55.2 million to over £400 million. That's an extraordinary sevenfold rise.

Overall, Eazipay has now processed over four billion Direct Debit transactions on behalf of its customers.

Eazipay's success comes alongside an equally eye watering rise in the popularity of Direct Debit as a whole. Bacs, the organisation behind Direct Debit in the UK, has reported some fairly astonishing statistics of its own this year.

In September 2016, Bacs broke its previous record for the number of payments processed in a signal day, at an amazing 109.3 million. That's more than 117,000 transactions per minute.

And Direct Debit is gaining in popularity across the board. As we approach the end of 2016,
nine out of 10 people in the UK have setup at least one Direct Debit, 73% of household bills are paid using Direct Debit and 90% of the UK workforce are paid via Bacs Direct Credit.

To give these figures an everyday context, 16.5 million people have now switched to paying their vehicle tax by Direct Debit. The option of paying by Direct Debit was only introduced in October 2014 so that’s 16.5 million new payments in just two years.

As the future is bright for Direct Debit, so it is for Eazipay. We’ve just moved in to new offices in Ely and we now employ 24 full and part time staff. We have over 1,700 clients, with more signing up to our Facility Management Service all the time, and we continue to develop new partnerships which will enable us to expand both in the UK and overseas.

Look out for more record breaking in 2017!

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